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Player and Parent Agreement

Player and Parent/Guardian Agreements

  1. We will be positive and refrain from any public negativity towards athletes, coaches, and parents in the Cecil Volleyball Academy or other competing clubs. This includes all social media.
  2. We understand that if a practice is going to be missed, we will notify the coach immediately.
  3. We understand that participation in practice and tournaments is instrumental to the development of each player and their team. We also understand that missing practice may lead to reduced playing time in tournaments.
  4. We will review our team schedule and notify the coach immediately if any tournaments will be missed.
  5. We understand that playing time is determined by the coaches. We may not agree with it, but it is their responsibility to do what is best for all players and the team.
  6. We understand that the “club game” is not always the same as the “school game”. Cecil Volleyball Academy will use each athlete in the best interests of the team. Example: An athlete may be considered an Outside Hitter in school, but the club may need to utilize their skills as a Middle Hitter.
  7. We will never approach a line judge, official, or scorekeeper before, during, or after a match. This includes no yelling about your perception of a call or the score at the table.
  8. Parents, friends, phones, etc. are NEVER allowed at a scorer’s table. Players must focus on their duties.
  9. We understand that we are committed to Cecil Volleyball Academy and cannot commit to or play for another club during the same season unless approval is given by the club director.
  10. We will abide by all CHRVA/USAV/JVA/AAU, Team, facility, and Tournament Guidelines.

Pictures, Video, and Other Media

As part of the Cecil Volleyball Academy family, photos of athletes may be used on the club’s website, social media sites, and literature.

Additional Player Agreements

  1. I understand that practice start time means I am on the court ready to play.
  2. I will give 100% not only for myself but for my coach and teammates.
  3. I will be coachable and support my teammates even when I am not in the drill, scrimmage, or match. A poor attitude toward yourself, your teammates, or your coach may result in reduced playing time.
  4. I will make sure ALL water bottles and equipment are cleaned up at the end of practice and the facilities are left better than we found them.
  5. Last and most importantly, I understand that I am representing Cecil Volleyball Academy and will always do so in the most positive way.

Updated October 2023